Dec 2, 2007

Fido Update: Un-Break My Heart?

My recent post, Fido Broke My Heart, received a fair bit of attention.

Paul, (thank you Paul) ended up sending the post to a friend of his at Fido, who sent it to the Fido Head Office. I received the following message as a reply.

Dear Mr. Sloss,

I am writing concerning your blog about your most recent customer service experience with Fido.

I did want to express my apologies on behalf of Fido’s Management team and would also like to thank you for your genuine feedback.

This being said, I would personally wish to speak with you regarding this matter.

Kindly provide me with your Fido number; otherwise, I can be contacted at 1 866-***-**** ext. ****

Enjoy your weekend - thanks and regards

Blog posts provide an excellent opportunity for companies to communicate with customers. Through commenting, or contacting the blogger, companies have the ability to transparently address genuine concerns.

I'm very interested in seeing what Fido has to say.

I'll keep you posted. (Update: Fido Conclusion)

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