Nov 28, 2007

In Rock-Paper-Scissors what wins, Authenticity or Fear?

Privacy on the internet has been a concern since Netscape was king. Lately, fears over the depth of information that sites like Facebook and Myspace collect, have heated up. Like this video.

Maybe the problem isn't the web defiles privacy. Maybe the problem is anonymity, like Seth Godin posts:

"Virus writers are always anonymous. Spam is anonymous. eBay fraudsters are anonymous too. It seems as though virtually all of the problems of the Net stem from this one flaw, and its one I’ve riffed on before. If we can eliminate anonymity online, we create a far more civil place"

Or maybe people are are worried about privacy because they lack authenticity.

Authenticity is something so close to each and everyone of us, yet often hidden out of sight. We live as if we are scared of ourselves, scared our boss might see the drunken picture of last Friday, or that girlfriend #1 will see girlfriend #2's post on our wall and freak out.

Solution: Don't violate the trust people have in you. The web provides an immense opportunity to show who you are to more people in a broader context than was thought to be possible.

This blog is one way I do it.

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