Apr 20, 2008

In the news

So I haven't posted here for a long time. I blame it on life's externalities. Apologies.

I've been involved in founding a non-profit organization Watch for Change and writing at Social Squared, a social media and marketing blog.

We help companies gain exposure, charities raise money and internet users make a difference through online video.

We've had a bit of press lately, first in the Globe and Mail and then most recently in the Winnipeg Free Press. The later was a not so encouraging warning to all of us starting charities. Have a read, its entertaining.

I wrote a letter to the editor to clarify our existence and oppose some of the ideas that Mr. Longhurst suggested in his piece. Since it may never get published I thought I would post it here.

A Letter to the Editor

I am writing in regards to John Longhurst’s April 13th article, “Anarchy of Altruism”. My name is Jess Sloss and I am the executive director or Watchforchange.com a non profit organization that helps charities raise money using online video. Our organization was referred to in this article and I have some thoughts I would like to share.

I appreciate the point that Mr. Longhurst not so bluntly states, established charities are often the most effective avenue for making a difference around the world. They have the resources, personnel and experience that make them invaluable.

I do not agree, however, with his premise that innovation and enthusiasm are something to squelch and run from.

There is a growing distance between the way things have been done and the way we are able to do them now. New Technologies, communications channels and media consumption options are revolutionizing the way people interact. The times are changing, and strategies need to change too.

Watchforchange.com is a fundraising source for established charities. We use our knowledge of social media, video and the web to help charities raise money. We are not in the kidnapping business or into religious zeal. We provide a way for internet users to make a difference.

Innovation and a desire to do better has been key to all great things that man has achieved. I welcome everyone to do something for those less fortunate than them. You can start by visiting watchforchange.com. Mr. Longhurst, I suggest you visit the site too.

Best Regards,
Jess Sloss, Executive Director
Watch for Change