Jan 24, 2008

What does the plastic cover say about you?

There are two types of people in the world, those that leave the protective plastic cover on their electronics and those that don't. This is a post about the former.

People who leave the plastic covers on, I will refer to them from now on as "Plasties", come from all walks of life, in fact you probably interact with them on a daily basis. It is my firm opinion that All of these people share similar traits.

Plasties are:

1) Stubborn - They leave the plastic on despite being constantly reminded that they have left it on and that it is supposed to come off when they start using it.

2) Custodial - They have a freakishly overbearing maternal drive that leads them to protect the shiny finish of a device from the harsh reality of the world around it. Kind of reminds me of a Mama Grizzly Bear, the most custodial animal in the world.

3) Fastidious - Not only do they leave the cover on, they ensure it is firmly attached after every use and that the plastic cover itself stays as clean as it was on day one.

4) Gainfully Employed - Plasties are not a drain on the economy they have good jobs that are filled with monotony, and offer a safe and steady income. Hip hip hooray!

5) Trustworthy - Plasties are great friends. Their protective nature is not limited to electronic devices and usually carries over into personal relationships. That is as long as their friends aren't dirty, blemished, scratched or in anyway disfigured.

If you are a Plastie, please re-read this post and put "not that there is anything wrong with that" after every point, thank you.

For those of you who think my science is off? Leave a comment, are you a plastic cover on or off kind a guy or gal?

* my thanks to thesaurus.com for help with most of the above words!

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Anonymous said...

Let's be honest. This is about Derek.