Jan 24, 2008

Typeroom; Content Management for Dummies?

Just a quick post about one of the cooler web services that I've checked out recently. I just received an invite to the initial beta of Typeroom, the latest in website content management.

Though I haven't had the chance to play around with it in detail, I think the concept is a solid one. Essentially, Typeroom allows anyone to easily edit any website (that they own) in a matter of seconds. Check out the Typeroom video, it explains the process better than my words will.

For those of you who have website, but aren't comfortable editing them, this could be the tool for you.


Joming said...

hmm, how is this different from other content management systems like drupal? is it just a super simplified version of a CMS?

Ian Silber said...

@ Joming:

We feel we've built a much easier to use CMS, while still providing the same power of a CMS such as Drupal or Joomla (in the Pro version, that is).

The Lite version is a instant CMS - no integration needed.

Check it out for yourself!

-Ian, TypeRoom