Dec 20, 2007

The Home Shopping Network Gone Right

Technology has disrupted the way that the way many high profile companies do business. The music industry, Hollywood and newspapers are struggling to adapt to the new digital environment and it's just the start. The way we interact with media is continually developing and most businesses are blissfully unaware of the impact that its going to have on them.

Many industries are going to feel the change, and the companies who profit from this change, aren't going to be the ones you and I are familiar with today.

That's why I like Shangby. Talk about a remarkable idea.

Shangby brands themselves as "International Shopping without the Jet lag" . The company lets shoppers at home in North America (or anywhere else in the world really) shop with merchants in Shanghai in real time. They can ask question or even haggle with the sales person. I can't really describe the whole scene so check it out here.

I like small companies, with different ways of thinking.


ChiliLady said...

I wish you Merry Christmas!!

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