Jan 7, 2008

Good vs. Bad (customers that is)

Bad customers, the ones that complain, yell, demand and cause a ruckus, usually get what they want. Good customers, those who may have had one bad experience, usually don't make a fuss. They just leave and never come back.

That's the problem with the way most companies deal with customer complaints. They reward bad customers, and don't properly satisfy the good ones.

Luckily, there is a solution. Provide a venue for open interaction with your customers. Start a blog , post customer comments (good and bad) on your website, with your responses to them.

At the very least you will have a great resource for other customers. More likely, you'll end up with less complaints and more valuable feed back. You might even see customers defending you.

Open interaction with your market will build trust, support and success.

Oh, and Merry 2008!

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