Nov 22, 2007

Spit: To Trace Your Genetic Makeup

23andMe a California Startup has plans to introduce you to your genetic makeup. The worlds first personal genome service, 23andMe promises to "Unlock the secrets of your DNA"

The company provides customers with a Gene Journal, Ancestry information, Family inheritance and access to the raw data on your Genes for whatever you like. Compare to family and friends or see if you really did "inherit your mothers sense of taste."

For $999.00 23andMe will make you spit in a test-tube and mail it back to them. They then provide all the data on your genetic make up, online.

Warren Buffet (the investor) and Jimmy Buffet (the Musician) used the system to see if they were related. They're not. You can read that story here.

This is one of those Remarkable Ideas that seems to spread very easily. Just more proof that the best way to spread and idea is to be remarkable.

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