Oct 25, 2007

Txt and Facebook Applications

Just a short note on the recent news out of Facebook. Not the fact that Microsoft just invested $240 Million dollars, though that must be fun for the Facebook crew.

Facebook is opening up its SMS or Text message platform to application developers. Dave Morin writing on the Facebook Developers Blog wrote:

we are opening methods which enable you to access our SMS platform. This will enable you to directly interact with Facebook users through SMS. Users will also be able to interact with each other through your application by SMS as well.

We think mobile is the next great frontier for developers, and are excited to see the great things that you create with these new and innovative integration points with Facebook Platform.

Entrepreneurs take note, this is a great opportunity for businesses to promote themsleves. Facebook applications are already boosting business, just look at the benefits the Travelers IQ application has had on travelpod.com. There will be countless ways SMS will be integrated into applications. The permission to text a customer is a valuable one, I can't wait to see what creative ideas pop up.

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